Product Features

Get higher clickthroughs by adding images to your notification

Hero or Big Image support makes your Push Notifications more visually communicative. Cut down on the time your audience will take to respond to your messages. All they’ll need is a glimpse of the notification to understand what’s in store when they click on it.

Send multiple call to actions in your notifications

Give the luxury of choice to your customers. You can now add up to two call-to-action (CTA) buttons to your web push notifications. What’s more, each button can have a separate landing page URL with their own individual UTM parameters.

Time your notifications

Set your notifications for a time of your choice. For example, if you know when your audience is most active, you can simply schedule a notification for that time. This means that your audience sees the notification more, click on it more, engage with it more, and you get more traffic!


Two powerful APIs to help you implement sophisticated use-cases. For example, sending particular notifications to an individual, mapping internal data about your audience with their ZetPush IDs to send contextual communications, and much more.

Segment your Subscribers

Segment Creator helps you send targeted and personalised push notifications. Filter your subscribers based on their location, device, browser, and more. You can also segment them based on the pages they visit. What’s more, use powerful And/Or conditions to create segments that meet your very specific needs.

Expiry Notifications

What if you have a time limited deal that you want to send as a push notification to your customers? You certainly don’t want them to see it well after the deal has expired. This can be damaging to your brand. And there may be several other instances when you do not want your customers to see a notifications after a specific amount of time.
Expiry(ing) notifications can help you there.

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