Providing valuable and relevant updates to customers with help of ZetPush notifications

Push notifications are important for web content creators to stay in touch with their users and to notify them about latest content on their website. It can help them with user retention and keep users informed about new stuff on their website. With ZetPush, our Clients will be able to configure and manage push notifications for their websites and blogs.

On the ZetPush dashboard, the Client can setup his / her website and configure the banner for Push notification Subscription. This banner will contain a picture, a title and text along with OK and Cancel buttons. The Client will need to include a ZetPush Banner script before </head> tag on their webpage. Once the customer clicks OK on the banner, the user will be assigned a unique ID and they will be added to Subscription list. The list can be viewed by Client on the dashboard. These lists can be categorized based on user device, browser, location etc and multiple lists can be created.

The Push notification can be designed within dashboard and it consists of a Picture, Name, Title, Text and redirect URL, which will have the link to Clients Webpage. Client can also choose any Subscription list of for targeted notification. The scheduling can be done with the start time and duration of notification with option to send it immediately as well. If the Client wants to send notification of a limited period offer, he / she can choose a Notification expiry feature and the Notification wont be shown to users after its expiry. The Hero image on the notification can help Client to have a pictorial representation of the redirection link, so that their users can easily understand the notification.

We support both HTTP and HTTPS websites. The Client can configure multiple users for each ZetPush account. If a Client has multiple websites, they can also be be tracked with single ZetPush account. The data in Subscription list can be exported for analysis and also new data can imported within the dashboard. ZetPush notifications can be configured with two Call To Action (CTA) buttons. Client can configure this for multiple redirection URL’s for their users. Also included are support for JavaScript API’s and REST API’s which can help to create sophisticated notifications.

ZetPush is supported by major browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform machines. Users can easily unsubscribe Push notifications through their browser settings. ZetPush is able to track unsubscribed users with Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service and cookies stored in browsers.

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